five WWI soldiers laughing, one carrying puppy

A project we launched in 2014, collaborating with communities across Scotland and engaging them in research and performance of the story of one name from their local war memorial.
We have been most fortunate to have the support of HRH The Prince of Wales who will choose a name from the Crathie Memorial at Balmoral.
Behind each name is a voice and a story and together we will research, workshop and present the unique history behind the name and the person, we will look at artefacts which might be lurking in family attics and cellars, and we will incorporate their story in our professional performances of music, poetry and prose from the era.
If you are in a local community group, a school, a choir or a sports club who would like to get involved in the centenary commemorations of the first world war with us please don’t hesitate to contact us.
The centenary provides food for thought for everyone. No-one thought in July 1914 that events in Sarajevo would lead so inexorably to war – and it is quite possible that events in the near or distant future might develop a similar dynamic, with similarly unintended consequences.
If we don’t even remember our mistakes, how can we learn from them?