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New Partnership with Never Such Innocence

Glen Art are delighted to be partnering with Never Such Innocence in Scotland. Never Such Innocence has been set up explicitly to engage young people in commemoration of the First World War during the centenary period (2014-19). Our education programme seeks to reach as many schoolchildren across the UK as possible and aims to ensure our young people feel informed, included and inspired by the centenary activity taking place nationally over the next four years.


GLEN ART TRUSTEES Fiona MacDonald and Elisabeth Winkler Lawrence in conversation with veterans at the Never Such Innocence Event hosted by the Belgian Ambassador.


Glen Art sponsors publication of War Poets Collection

Glen Art and the War Poets Collection are continuing their collaboration on commemorating the First World War. The War Poets Collection at Napier University had generously agreed to host the Gala premiere of Feelgood Theatre’s production of Not About Heroes in support of Glen Art in September 2014. The play by Stephen McDonald deals with the meeting of Sassoon and Owen at Craiglockhart – during the First World War it was a sanatorium for shell-shocked officers.

Glen Art are continuing to support the War Poets Collection by sponsoring their new publication ‘The War Poets At Craiglockhart’ by Alistair McCreely .

Further plans include a video repository of poems by Wilfred Owen read by eminent actors in collaboration with both the Wilfred Owen Association and The War Poet’s Collection, facilitated by Glen Art.



‘The War Poets At Craiglockhart’ by Alistair McCreely






OSCR Trustees’ Annual Report for the period
Period start date Period end date
Day Month Year Day Month Year
From 13 April 2013 To 30 April 2014
Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator

Reference and administration details

Charity name Glen Art
Other names charity is known by
Registered charity number SC043908
Charity’s principal address 2 School Lane
Milton of Campsie

Glasgow Postcode G66 8DD

Names of the charity trustees on date of approval of Trustees’ Annual Report

Trustee name Office (if any) Dates acted if
not for whole year Name of person
(or body) entitled to
appoint trustee (if any)
1 Dr. Gulliver Ralston Chairperson
2 Fiona MacDonald Director
3 Elisabeth Winkler Lawrence Treasurer
4 Tara Harrison


Reference and administration details

Names of all other charity trustees during the period, if any, (for example, those who resigned part way through the financial period)

Name Dates acted if not for whole year

Structure, governance and management

Type of governing document Constitution
Glen Art is registered with the OSCR Nr SC043908

Trustee recruitment and appointment

The structure of Glen Art consists of the CHARITY TRUSTEES who are also the organisation’s only members and comprise the organisation’s BOARD.
1 Charity Trusteeship is open to;
1.1 any person aged 16 or over, any individual who has been nominated for membership by an unincorporated organisation; and who subscribes to the purposes of the organisation and wishes to see them fulfilled
1.2 any corporate body,

2 Any person, nominated individual or body who/which wishes to become a Charity Trustee must sign a written application for Charity Trusteeship; and for a corporate body, that application must be signed by an appropriately authorised officer of that body who will remain as the representative of that corporate body until such time as the corporate body informs the Board otherwise.

3 The application will then be considered by the Board at its next Board meeting.

4 The Board may, at its discretion, refuse to admit any person, nominated individual or corporate body, or veto the proposed authorised officer acting as a representative of a corporate body, to Charity Trusteeship.
5 The Board must notify each applicant promptly (in writing, which includes by e-mail) of its decision on whether or not to admit him/her/it to Charity Trusteeship.

Objectives and activities

Charitable purposes
6 GLEN ART is established for charitable purposes only, and in particular, the objects are:
6.1 The advancement of the arts, heritage, culture or science particularly in relation to Veterans and the Centenary Commemoration of the First World War.
6.2 The relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.
7 The area within which the organisation shall operate (in this constitution referred to as the ‘Area of Benefit’) shall be mainly Scotland and within the UK.
8 The organisation shall promote (but not promote exclusively) its activities and delivery operations to people within the ‘Area of Benefit’ who fulfil our, charitable purpose. These people will be the organisation’s beneficiaries. The beneficiaries will include Veterans, the elderly, children and members of the community, disadvantaged financially or by ill-health or disability, including people living with HIV and bipolar disorder.

Summary of the main activities
in relation to these objects

In the first 12 months of operations Glen Art has managed to raise awareness of its own existence, connect with funders and potential stakeholders, both from an ex-services and civilian background.

The trustees have been working to develop a 3 year plan with the aim to further expand Glen Art’s charitable activities, increase the number of direct beneficiaries and attract further finance, both from individual donors and trusts.

Part of the three-year strategy is to attract sufficient finance to establish the post of a paid director of development.

Glen Art organised three military fundraisers, acted as a support charity for the Afghanistan Trust, ABF, the Soldier’s charity and as part of the five lottery funded “An Evening With…” series considerably expanded their client and support base.

We forged good relations with Gardening Scotland through the support of a veteran gardening project and as a result have been recommended to Comic Relief, with grant monies for 2014/15 forthcoming.
A highlight was the Glen Art Primary Operatunity in May 2013 – to be funded by Barclays Bank in Wales for a duration of 3 years.

Glen Art are also grateful for the support of the Spear Family Trust, Katharine Liston, Barclays Bank and the Lottery Fund.

The development of the Voices of the Fist World War project not only garnered attention in the Scottish Press, it also attracted the attention and support of the Duke of Rothesay (aka HRH Prince Charles) – and came to full fruition with a grant application to Creative Scotland in the following financial year.

The website is growing exponentially and is a vital part of Glen Art’s social media strategy in conjunction with a Facebook Page and a presence on Twitter, as determined by the trustees.
Our evaluation and monitoring policies have confirmed that psychological barriers to asking for help can be strong and that approachability and creative problem-solving are very much a strength of a small-scale organisation. The trustees wish to retain those qualities with further growth of the charity and are shaping strategy and execution of projects accordingly.


Achievements and performance

Summary of the main achievements of the charity during the financial period

Financial review

Brief statement of the charity’s policy on reserves The charity shall hold £500 in reserves. This figure is to be reviewed for the next financial year and revised according to the trustee’s analysis of the relevant risks and potential liabilities.
Details of any deficit
Donated facilities and services (if any)


Other optional information


The trustees declare that they have approved the trustees’ report above.

Signed on behalf of the charity’s trustees

Full name(s) Elisabeth Winkler Lawrence
Position (e.g. Chair) Treasurer
Date 28.01.2015

2013-14 ACCOUNTS
Unrestricted   Restricted     Total
        Funds        Funds     Funds
  Note             £            £           £
 Voluntary income  9,354  12,878  22,232
 From activities  1,427  -  1,427
 10,781  12,878  23,659
 Charitable activities  248  8,599  8,847
 Administration  834  6,159  6,993
 1,082  14,758  15,840
FUNDS AT 30 APRIL 2014  9,699 -1,880  7,819


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