Soldiering On Awards 2017: BRAVEHOUND canine companions helping veterans cope with PTSD


BRAVEHOUND™ Puppy enlisted to help ex-soldier overcome combat stress.

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Courier News - Perth - Kirsty McIntosh - First dog to be donated as part of the Bravehound charity who provide companion dogs to PTSD victims. Picture shows; Irma the Springer Spaniel who is the first puppy to be donated to a victim of PTSD and army veteran Paul Wilkie, 24 Northfield Road, Guildtown, Friday, 03 June 2016

Paul Wilkie with BRAVEHOUND Irma

BRAVE HOUND are happy to announce the support of Glenbrae Veterinary Clinics.

We are looking forward to working closely with them as their holistic approach to dog care along with their experience allows us to seek the best medical advice and support for our dogs and owners. This has already started with the vaccination and health checks for our Irma, our springer spaniel pup.


Wendy McGrandles from Glenbrae stated the reason for their practice to support BRAVEHOUND is:

Glenbrae Vet clinic is delighted to be involved with Bravehound and their work with veterans. We are a veterinary clinic which believes in a holistic approach to health and disease and understand how emotional upheaval can effect lifelong health. That is why we want to work with Bravehound to allow servicemen and dogs share a lifetime together and experience all the benefits that this bond can bring. Furthermore we are delighted to give our skills to the project and look forward to the positive experiences this will bring.

We’re delighted to welcome our first BRAVEHOUND thanks to the generosity of our dear friend Lorraine Stewart.

Some of our BRAVEHOUNDS will already have a name, but the names we are choosing are in memory of the dogs who have been awarded the Dickin Medal by the PDSA.

These include Treo, Judy and Antis.

You can read all about these brave dogs by David Heyhoe our advisor and our dear friend Damien Lewis :

It’s All About Treo by David Heyhoe with Damien Lewis

Judy A Dog in a Million by Damien Lewis

War Dog  The No-man’s Land Puppy that took to the Skies, by Damien Lewis

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